various projects

My Automated Scrabble Player
A2A - aka That Comparing Stuff Game Client
Great Moments in History/Cinema (as portrayed by the Bush Administration)
OBOC Photomosaic
BROBOC Mountain
Toscar Sketch
Drama House Website
IBM Posters
Senior Project
Big Ol' Musical Database
New Computer
XML Quizzy Thing
XML Sketch: Second City, which is really funny.
My Schedule with cool javascript
David's Cryptoquip
Real Professor Quotes
Mispitched Mail: Script of the One-Act Play I was in
Frustrated CS Major

"If you were foolish enough to go to college and major in one of the soft arts, such as journalism, English literature or music, you might have a bit of a shock coming. At best, those majors are excellent preparation for jobs that involve removing wine corks and condoms from the swimming pools of people who studied computer science. And even that is seasonal work." -Scott Adams