Picture Gallery

OBOC APO Formal Maine Landscape Photoshop Wonders Men Of Theatre [Calendar Shot]
University of Rochester Symphony Orchestra A wittle boy More Stingers Stingers '04 Outside Avenue Q
Masquerade Ball 04 Building a Computer Masquerade Ball 04 Stingers '04 Masquerade Ball 04
Choppers! (Halloween 04) Graduation! Trombone Revolution Viennese Ball '04 Video Covers!
Running around in Chicago! Summer break commences RACHEL Thomas Amanda Me Elise Becky and Brad My 'little' sister
What to do on pavement in Missouri (Courtesty Elise's Mom) On top of the World Central Park Keanu Lu
As beautiful as she is today Little Brother and His Little Girlfriend
A Fvnny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forvm 24 Hour Play Festival Another NYC Trip
Viennese Ball with Rob and Judy Prom Junior Year Brian Stevens Happiness Look Closer
Happy Viennese Ball Pic Fiddler on the Roof Da Guys at Prom Prom senior year
The Geekiest thing I've ever done. Working: The Musical Halloween '03 Pride of New Paltz The Tuxedo
So many tokens came this way... Me and Alison No place like home
CCMD on ESB Self Portrait with approaching blizzard in the background
Concertmaster Losee Thugs Matt, Evan and Nat A Different View of Me Alison and Mariana The Gang in the City
Kim and Yakov Ben and Laura NPHS Marching Band
Twenty-Four Hour Play Festival
Character shot 2 for 24HPF
Photomosaic of Me

Dorm last year


Losee Going to Senior Ball [original]
Losee Squared
Losee with Dream Date
Trogdor the Dragon V.1
Tragdon the Dragon V.2
12 Angry Men
Matrix Prequel
MTH171 Feelings
Dilbert cartoon
Random Marching Band
Karen in the Matrix