Welcome to David's Working Page. For those ignorant among you, Working was the 2003 New Paltz High School Spring Musical. Here are my pictures that I stealthily took during the show. You may notice that there are more pictures of some people than others. In fact, somepeople don't even appear on this page, while certain construction workers keep popping up. Well, the answer to that is, I could only take so many pictures and didn't feel like sitting there through the whole show with the camera up, especially since I was in the front anyway.

Working was a good show. A great show. I think it was better than many of the other shows that were put on. The songs were way too catchy (read "outstanding") and the acting was superb. Massimo and I both agreed that it was probably better than any of the shows we ever did. Are you actually still reading this? Why am I still typing. Then I should get back to work...you know what I mean.

Decent Pictures

Full Cast
Opening Number
Iron Angstrom
The Teacher
Green Grapes 4220
This one's for Heather (who I promised pics to)
The Directors (not to be confused with The Producers)
Grainy Old Man
Tenor Reunion


Man, if you thought those were bad photos, wait till you see these...
Nat in Hat
Nat again
Did someone say quality control?
How life looks when you have class at 8:00 am
Cleaning Ladies

Okay, I admit, that wasn't the cleaning ladies. It was supposed to be though. But I realized as I started to take the picture that my camera had turned its flash on again so I had to divert the camera. No one really noticed, but I was afraid everyone had. Sorry. No cleaning ladies for you.


(note: I took these off a random webpage. they're not entirely accurate. it makes it seem like nat and evan are the same person. feel free to send more quotes.)

"Everyone should have something to point to. Something to be proud of. Look what I did.See what I've done. I did the job, I was the one. Everyone should have something to. Some way to be tall in the crowd...proud!"-THE COMPANY- "Something to Point To"

"Hey somebody dont'cha wanna hear, the story of my life? Everybody done know that song, workin' for a livin' the whole day long.All the live long day!"

"You know what I want? I want my kid to tell me that he's not gonna be like me.I want him to look at me and say "Dad, you're a real nice guy...but you're a #&%^ing dummy." Hell, yes. If you can't improve yourself, you improve your posterity. That's what can get to you. The non-recognition by some people. To say that a man is just a laborer, or a woman is just a housewife...it bothers you sometimes." -MIKE DILLARD-Ironworker

"I'd punch out a ticket,slide under the wheel, and right off the bat have it under control.Usin' one hand I'd spin'er around and without looking back put'er straight in the hole.People wonder how I do it..there ain't nothin' to it. Cause I'm Lovin' Al the Wizard. Wheels and me agree. Lovin' Al is a Wizard,king of the parking lot Grand Prix. Gotta skip...I see a tip. Lovin' Al signin' off."-AL CALINDA-Car Hiker

"All I am is, just a housewife..nothing special,nothing great.What I do is, out of fashion. What I feel is, out of date. All I am is, someone's mother. All I am is, someone's wife.All of which seems, unimportant. All it is is, just my life.Did you ever think, really stop and think what a job it was? Doing all the things, that a housewife does?"-THE HOUSEWIVES-

"If you have a nice lookin' babe, that sorta brightens your day. We have a code we put on the sheet. We put a "Q". That stands for cutie. If you see a nice little honey laying out in her backyard with her top strap undone...if you go there and scare her good, so she jumps up. And you can see...everything...this takes time. It adds excitement to the day."-CONRAD SWIBEL- UPS man

"I make two round trips from Milwaukee and pass within four blocks of my house and never go home.You sit in your truck and your only companionship is your own thoughts. You get mighty lonely not talking to anybody for forty-eight hours. Halfway back from Milwaukee, you have to call your dispatcher, and I'll tell you, you're even glad to talk to him."-FRANK DECKER-trucker

"I have to be a waitress. I mean, how else does the world come to me? Everybody's got to eat....everybody has hunger.And I serve them. I give service. I can't be servile. There is a difference. I got intoxicated with giving service! It becomes theatrical.And I feel like...Mata Hari...and that intoxicates me. I'm on stage!"-DELORES DANTE-waitress

"You know, the world's so screwed up, the country's screwed up. But firemen, you actually see them produce.You see them put out a fire.You see them come out with babies in their hands.You see them give mouth to mouth when a guy's dying. You can't get around that shit. That's real.It shows something I did on this earth. I always wanted to be a fireman"-TOM PATRICK-fireman

"The Mason singing,the Waitress singing, the Farmworker singing,the Car Hiker singing,the Fireman singing...each one singing.The Checker, the Trucker, the Hooker, the Housewife...I hear, America singing."