Okay, so you may or may not know that I am a writer for a little paper called the New Paltz Times. It started in September '00 when I was a regular writer for the section of the paper called the Student Edition. The paper was called the Hugenot Herald then. I think I only ended up writing six actual articles for that section. But apparently I impressed some people and they changed the format to two biweekly columnists and they wanted me to be one of them columnists. I did that for a year, starting in September '01. At some point in there they changed the title to the New Paltz Times. The following year, I was offered a promotion to student profiler. Yay for me. I decided awhile ago that if I ever made a webpage, I should archive all my articles online. So without further ado... The Works of David in Newspapers.

***Note: The following are versions I typed up and saved. They reflect what I originally wrote. This is sometimes good, sometimes bad. The titles aren't neccesarily accurate either. I do have what was actually published somewhere...but this is what you get. Please note, that dates also reflect the date the article was written, not it's publication date.***

Student Edition

A Guide to the Internet....8/25/00
Can You Hear The People Sing?....9/22/00
Subway Showdown: A Mets Fan's View....11/1/00
Introspects into the Opinions of Teachers....2/24/01
Mail Bonding....3/8/01
The Epic Battle for Supremacy....6/10/01

Biweekly Columns

Administrative Aims....9/1/01
Today is September 11th, 2001....9/11/01
The First Day of School....9/28/01
Oh Shea Can You See....10/10/01
Brass and Proud....12/14/01
Violence in America....11/16/01
Break A Leg....11/30/01
Bored of Education? Not Me....12/14/01
Happy New Year....12/27/01
Space: The Final Frontier....1/11/02
We Need An Arcade....1/27/02
Is That My Final Answer....2/8/02
Teacher Feature....2/22/02
Join the Circus....3/8/02
How to Ruin the Lives of Thousands of Children in One Easy Step....3/29/02
Equality of the Sexes....4/12/02
Talkin' 'bout my Education....5/4/02
Explanation of an Exclamation....5/16/02
Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?....5/31/02
It's the End of the World As We Know It....6/14/02
Hate Leads to Suffering....6/29/02
A Guide To The Internet Part II....7/11/02
One Strike and I'm Out....7/30/02
A Soldier's Rest....8/9/02

Student Profiles

So here's a list of all the Student Profiles I ever wrote. This is mainly for purposes of people googling themselves. If you found yourself because you googled yourself (or your friend), email me.

Class of 2003

  1. Azuka Chikwendu
  2. Jackie Rappaport
  3. Timothy Dressel
  4. Sarah Cohn
  5. A.J. Hasbrouck
  6. Taryn Schobert
  7. Erik Beranek
  8. Korri Krajicek
  9. Dan Gregory
  10. Fallon Heaton
  11. Yakov Polishchek
  12. Cassidy Payne
  13. Alex Ritz
  14. Sara Blatchly
  15. Evan Shuster
  16. Liz Kelso
  17. Max Aubain
  18. Holly Johnson
  19. Lauren Bayne
  20. Andy Tung
  21. Mikki Bunt
  22. Brendan Kelly
  23. Anitha Weiss
  24. Ben Wilkinson
  25. Beth Maurer
  26. Matt Laudicina
  27. Fawn Burchell
  28. Jason White
  29. Kelly Gibbons
  30. Emily Justusson
  31. Nick Morrill
  32. Becca Bolde
  33. Malachi McElroy
  34. Andrea Wilkinson
  35. Joe Koenig

Class of 2004

  1. Joe Fullam
  2. Megan Salt
  3. Ben Babcock
  4. Julie Edwards-Ransom
  5. Rob Lu
  6. Elise Cimino
  7. Evan Wallace
  8. Dan Goldman
  9. Monique Edwards
  10. David Popieluszko
  11. Megan Alexsa
  12. Isaac LeFevre
  13. Cara Merriman
  14. Moises Rivera
  15. Jamie Kraus
  16. Devon Ciliberto
  17. Jonah Havranek
  18. Aleena Hay
  19. Brendan Henderson
  20. Camille Perconti
  21. David Lamb
  22. Laura Van Alst
  23. Dean Edwards
  24. Christine Pallus
  25. Vinny Sickles
  26. Gina Davison
  27. Nat Angstrom
  28. Kendra Lueken
  29. Ryan Pogemiller
  30. María Jorgelina González
  31. Kenny Johnson
  32. Billy Hurley
  33. Kristen Schrenk
  34. Suzayn MacKenzie
  35. Jakki Kelley
  36. Justin Briggs
  37. Melissa Curcio
  38. Natasha Ludwig
  39. Chris Taylor
  40. Holly McClelland
  41. Bay Lewis
  42. Amanda Mitchell
  43. Aaron Munzer
  44. Andrea Cordaro
  45. Joe Judge
  46. Melissa Milano
  47. Kelly Van Vlack
  48. Azeem Mallick