who is this david guy?

Welcome to ProbablyDavid.com. This is the official website of David Lu!! Or is it? It is the internet, so you never know. So for now, it's just probably David Lu's website. David Lu is a graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis, studying computer science with a concentration in computational genetics. He is a recent graduate of the University of Rochester, where he majored in computer science, and also studied "Philosophy and Astronomy: Finding My Place in the Universe" as part of the Take 5 Scholars program. He is the founder of the Stingers Trombone Revolution, a alumnus and former secretary of Off Broadway On Campus (OBOC) and was a regular performer/director in Drama House shows. He hails from New Paltz, where he was in some musicals, wrote for the New Paltz Times, worked at Stewarts and played trombone and sang in just about every group New Paltz High School had to offer. He's was an intern at Google one summer, and spent four summers interning at International Business Machines (IBM), with the T.J. Watson Research Labs and the IBM Extreme Blue program in Austin TX. I suppose its fairly egotistical to write up a whole biography like that, but I want the keywords to hit on Google.

David Lu by the numbers

-321931.08Stardate of Birthday of this website
Hours since Birth
8156Users for My Facebook Application "Sorting Hat"
4000Lines of Code in my senior project
Days of Bliss
Geek Points
708Facebook Friends
250Gigabytes on my new hard drive
200Gigabytes on the hard drive I killed
85Student Profiles
61Empty Listerine Strip Containers
32Student Perspectives
23Pints of Blood Donated
+17.15Change in Google Stock Price when I worked there
17Best Score at IBM Think Links Minigolf
14Months working at Stewart's Ice Cream Shoppe
13Seasons of Tragic (But fun) Mets Fandom
12Goals scored in the Extreme Foosball Compeition
11Pieces arranged for Stingers Trombone Ensemble
10Completed College Semesters
9University of Rochester Productions Performed In
8Hawaiian Shirts
8Grad Schools Applications
7OBOC Shows
6New Paltz High School Productions Performed In
6AIM Screennames used
-5.68Change in IBM Stock Price when I worked there (fourth summer)
5UR Productions Directed
4Years Writing for New Paltz Papers
4Elections Voted In
+4.06Change in IBM Stock Price when I worked there (third summer)
-3.8Change in IBM Stock Price when I worked there (first summer)
-2.1Change in IBM Stock Price when I worked there (second summer)
2Rank In High School Class
2CS Games Won
2Exclamation Points after my name
1.2Years in Drama House
1Toscar win
1Beautiful Wife